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Unlock the Power of Investment Diversification

This article explores how diversifying your portfolio over different asset classes and industry sectors can minimise risk and provide more stable returns over time.

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Could rent-to-buy be your key to home ownership

This article tells the story of Jared and Nick, first-year apprentices in Australia facing the challenge of entering the property market, who, with the guidance of their teacher and a mortgage broker, explore and successfully navigate a rent-to-buy scheme, ultimately becoming homeowners.

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Career Breaks: What you need to know before you go!

In this article we discuss the impact of taking a career break, with a particular focus on your financial situation, and provide strategies to help mitigate any repercussions.

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Going Once, Going Twice, Sold: Mastering the Art of Property Auctions

This article provides some tips for anyone considering buying property at auction.

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Nailing your job hunt: A guide for school leavers

In this article, we share vital tips for school leavers entering the job market, emphasising the importance of soft skills, resilience, digital literacy, and a schmick resume.

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5 key steps to financial success

Embarking on a financial planning journey can often seem like navigating uncharted waters, but with a strategic approach and clear guidance, you can set sail toward a future of financial stability and prosperity.

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The challenges of being a carer

This article examines a real-life case to reveal how caregivers juggle financial pressures and emotional challenges. It stresses the importance of caregivers looking after their own well-being, offering practical advice on accessing vital financial assistance.

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Thinking About Switching Mortgage Lenders? Consider This First

We caution you to do your research before switching home loans and provide some alternatives to consider.

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shows two people sorting piles of paperwork related to their debt and finances

The impact of interest rates on managing debt

This article explores how interest rates affect managing debt and provide some tips on how to navigate these challenges.

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Could your best friend be the key to getting into the property market?

Struggling to get into the property market? You’re not alone. This article explains how co-ownership may be the key to help you achieve the “Great Australian Dream”. This is a non-biased piece that explores both the pros and cons for co-ownership.

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Financial education for a successful future

Hands up if you learned trigonometry in school, but not how to budget? I’m sure we can all agree that we need to do better at setting up our young adults for financial success. In this article, we cover five tools that can help to change this narrative for future generations.

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Zero-based budgeting: Making every dollar count

The article provides a step-by-step guide to creating a zero-based household budget and highlights the benefits and drawbacks of this approach in both corporate and personal settings.

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